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The Memory foam in this pillow is So Comfortable.

I Recently flew to Vegas again (9th) time my daughter and grandson live there, i use my New neck pillow and to say that was the best sleep I ever had on a flight is a Under statement 😴..( I never usually fall asleep)

Great price

Used while traveling from California to Australia and it helped a great deal.

Very comfortable

I frequently fly but only for about an hour...but this most recent time, my flight was over four hours and I knew I needed something. I love how it's stored in its bag and the ability to snap it onto either my suitcase or my carry-on. The memory foam was soo comfortable and I love the pattern.

Exceeded Expectations!

I have never used a neck/travel pillow before, so I don't have anything to compare this one too; however, this pillow exceeded my expectations! I ordered this in preparation for surgery and have been using it for a week now. It is supportive enough to keep my head in position while being comfortable enough to get a good sleep.

Perfect for long car ride.

This product is fit for adults, maybe teens, and does not fit for kids. It is molded to your chin and cheeks comfortably, even my kids liked this. It was helpful in the long car ride. No necks, no shoulders, or no back issues were involved in using this neck pillow. I even use it to aid in refraining from sleeping on my face at night.

comfortable neck

good neck support

NAPFUN Travel Pillow, Series 3
Ivette RamosIvette Ramos
It so soft and Comfortable

It Comfortable is so soft I also could use it like a pillow love it and the colors. It has its own carry bag you could strap it to your suit case or travel bag.

Super soft and supportive

This is the softest most comfortable neck pillow I’ve ever used. I spend a great deal of time sitting in a recliner each day due to physical disability. This makes much of that time more comfortable and supports my neck in the event I nod off for a nap. No doubt it would be great on a trip but I’m thrilled with it for every day use and comfort.


Very soft and very comfortable.


I bought this for my husband because he travels a lot. He said he really enjoyed it and it was a great product. He said it had very good support

Great buy


Saved my neck

Saved my neck

Perfect choice

I have upper back and neck pain so when I travel it can be hell. My physical therapist recommended a neck pillow. I must day this one made traveling so much better! I didn't get off the plane with spasms!!

Surprisingly great!

I purchased this to use during my recovery time after a surgery I had. I am so glad I did! It served its purpose perfectly!I have never used one of theses before, so I cannot compare it to similar products, but I was very pleased with this one. I use it all the time now. My favorite feature is the strings that are adjustable and clamp together. It is sturdy, yet soft and comfy.I plan to use this on my upcoming travels.

Travel necessity

Gave this to my son for a 22 hour bus trip, and he loved it. Great quality, super affordable! A must for traveling.

So soft and comfortable

Love this for travel it’s so comfortable that wherever your neck falls u can sleep comfortably


Just the right support needed. Perfectly supports the head and neck. Easily stored in the bag when not using.

It's great!

I think this is a great neck pillow for the price. Foam is soft and yet firm at the same time. Very comfortable design. Comes with a nice pouch. A little bit of a freaky smell at first but I let it air out and it's fine.

Super Soft and Comfortable

I purchased this for my 12 year old son after issues with a different brand and I must say I tried it and it is one of the best I have found. It is soft and comfortable and is not to tight its just perfect. My son was able to sleep comfortably in the car with it and even kept it on when he was not sleeping. The bonus eye mask and case is definitely a +. I would definitely buy again!

Lightweight, Portable, Comfy, LOVE IT!

I have one already that is a bit different than this one material wise. This one is really nice though because they provide you different accessories like the earplugs and sleep mask, i really like the silk material one because its so soft and comfy and doesn't feel weird when I have it on for sleeping. As for the travel pillow, its so portable, compact, soft and comfy! I really love how these travel pillow can be so comfy but also foldable to a tiny little bag. It makes traveling stress free and relaxing.Overall a really amazing product if you need it for traveling, got this as a gift for a family member who is going to be traveling in the next 2 months. So what im trying to also say is that this is a perfect gift to give to your family or friends before their trips.

Very supportive travel pillow

This is a great pillow. The shape is perfect for air travel. It strikes the right balance between soft and supportive.I'm not sure why another reviewer complained that the travel pouch is too small. It is not. I can roll the pillow and stuff it in the pouch in about 15 seconds. It's sized perfectly to minimize packing space required for it.


Love this thing! I often will use it for sitting on my couch for support so I can face forward without straining my neck. The material is nice and breathable so I don’t sweat after long periods as well as very plush and comfortable. I also take it on road trips when I’m not driving for napping purposes. I also love that it has a sleeping mask and adjustable clasp in the front so you can rest peacefully without the fear of dropping or losing the pillow in transit. Highly recommend!

Perfect for International Flights

I recently flew from the East Coast of the U.S. to Tokyo (with a layover on the West Coast). Not only did I live with this perfect neck snug on my shoulders for my 20+ hours of travel. I've also used it to doze on long car rides. It requires a little bit of finger strength to compress/roll/pack it back into its bag, which might be something to consider for older individuals.


Tried some blowup neck pillows for saving space and they were not comfortable at all, this was instantly comfortable! Bulky so not ideal but just kept it on the outside of my carryon and it was totally fine. Holds head neck and chin perfectly, the cord to tighten helps hold it in place nicely. Only downside for me is that I am always hot and it doesn’t breathe a lot…mostly not an issue with ac on planes but one international flight without individual air vents was rough

Ridiculously comfortable

I bought a handful of crap throughout the years, and this might yet be the thing I'm happiest about. When I first took it out of the bag I was suspicious since it looked more flat than it did in the pics and also it didn't even look fully symmetrical. Once I let the memory foam do its thing, however, the pillow truly came into its own. Enough good things can't be said about it. Suffice to say I'm sitting at my desk at work writing this, and I'm wishing I had brought it with me.