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works well on long haul flights

Previous reviews reported issues with carrying case zipper and neck pillow front latch system. I had no issues with either so must be fixed. easy to use and will "squeeze" inside your carry-on when space is tight. I am a 2 Million Miler with Delta and as my company travel changed from business seats to coach I had to find a good neck support. I had a few freebies given to me in the past and the issue was always the same - inability to support your head in the front and keep the unit against the seat as my head always leans forward. the built in straps allows you to fasten the pillow to the back of the seat. works well.

Highly Recommend

This is the first travel pillow that I've ever bought and after much debate I'm really happy I went with this one. I had a 7 hour flight (with an hr layover in between) and this pillow was the only thing that made it possible for me to sleep on my longer 4.5hr flight, with a very cramped middle seat (with a rude neighbor). I was able to lean on it and have it keep my neck supported which I was very grateful for since I had nothing else to lean on. (I was def snoring while I slept, maybe even drooled). It is very comfortable, very cute (I got the galaxy design), unique (high walls), and very practical (thanks to the carrying case). I 100% recommend this pillow, and I hope that it will last me a long time.

Superb Purchase! You won't regret it.

My utmost favorite feature: the added length to actually support your head. Other similar products are created too short for the pillow to actually rest your neck on, The outer fabric and plush foam on the inside is a dream combo. This was one of the more expensive products but man, worth the money. Just buy it!

I just got my Napfun travel pillow

I just got my Napfun travel pillow.Very comfortable!!!!!

NAPFUN Travel Pillow
Douglas C. MeeksDouglas C. Meeks
Nice pillow

The media could not be loaded.  This is my newest travel pillow and I have to say it covers about any concern I might have ever had about travel pillows. First of all it actually gives some support where many of the competitors are so soft they really can make your neck hurt, this one does give a bit of support. I like the way the cords clip together so you can keep it in place. You can see in the video it has an extra set of earplugs and eyeshades so you can share it with one other person without sharing DNA :)Bottom Line: Soft but supportive, soft but tough cover that is easy to clean and a great price, I can't possibly give it less than 5 Stars

NAPFUN Travel Pillow
Smelly neck pillow

I thought that the memory foam just needed some time to expand. After a while, I realized that the right side of the pillow was not expanding at all and I opened it up and the foam looked moldy. It really make my face itching. Awful!!!

NAPFUN Travel Pillow
Rabbi Fred Natkin
Very comfortable

It is scratchy, hard, and too big. Very uncomfortable, but the accessories with it are nice.

Works OK but not what I expected

This is not made of memory foam. If you press it with your finger it pops right back up. Also it is ENORMOUS. I am returning it.


I have never used a neck/travel pillow before, so I don't have anything to compare this one too; however, this pillow exceeded my expectations! I ordered this in preparation for surgery and have been using it for a week now. It is supportive enough to keep my head in position while being comfortable enough to get a good sleep.

Don't seem to be durable

Perfect for traveling, perfect size! The strings definitely help you adjust the amount of support you need. Soft and portable!

Pillow travel

It formed a crack after one week of use. The crack extended until the pillow was in two pieces.Poor materials.

NAPFUN Travel Pillow
Charles JungCharles Jung

Great purchase for a great price! It is really supportive of the neck, it’s not just a small pillow. Used twice traveling recently and it was great. Four stars because I think the cover fabric could be a little thicker maybe.

NAPFUN Travel Pillow
Maria Eugenia Crichigno
The Memory foam in this pillow is So Comfortable.

I washed it as soon as I received it thinking I would remove the smell but it stinks to a chemical

Great neck support

good neck support

NAPFUN Travel Pillow
Karina Camarena

Very comfy on my neck had no problems while on the plane

Super comfy pillow!


NAPFUN Travel Pillow
Cheryl & Victor
Not great if you have a short neck.

I have issues with my neck so I got this pillow to help support my head at the advice of my physical therapist. I wore it for about an hour on the flight to Portugal. It was so stiff that I couldn't put my head back to rest it on the seat back. Within the hour, I had a migraine. I took it off and I will never use it again. If anyone wants it, it is brand new except for one hour, they can have it. I will never use it again!

This is too stiff

This pillow Is great in all ways! It's soft yet supportive. I can imagine on a long flight, car ride or just at home it would be a life saver. You could fall totally asleep and know that your neck would be supported in great comfort!Recommend.

Best travel pillow

I unzipped it and it had black mold all on the pillow.

It does it's job

Slept better in a plane than I usually do. Not the most comfortable but an upgrade from wearing nothing!

NAPFUN Travel Pillow
Jovan Bethel
Does what it claims

At first when I opened it up I thought it was used and I was about to be mad as hell!!!! I said that because it was really wrinkly and slim when in came out the package.But when I noticed takes it's time for the foam to form to its shape, I became extremely impressed. This thing is so comfortable feeling. I'm most definitely going to be knocked out on this plan ride to Santorini, Greece!

NAPFUN Travel Pillow
B. K. Lindsay
Does the job

I bought two so my husband and I could each have one on a recent long flight. We found that putting the two together provided enough support. May work better for shorter neck.


Initial use was to make travel easier foe my sick mother, it works perfectly for extra support while laying in bed watching TV or even just for her to sit in the recliner relaxing. My mom loves it!! She says it's so comfortable that she forgets to take it off when she geys up walking around the house.

Very comfortable and very supportive.

My oldest loves this pillow he even uses it when we go to the store, thats how much he loves it.

NAPFUN Travel Pillow
Chris currier
Not tall enough

Foam is just to thick, it hurt my neck more with it on then with nothing at all.