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“The NapFun Neck Pillow, a fan-favorite travel accessory made with a soft-to-the-touch fabric and premium memory foam that contours to your head to provide the perfect level of cushioning, all while ensuring your neck is properly aligned.”

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“In fact, its 360-degree and adjustable design guarantees to cover seven support points in the head and neck. The concave shape is intended to better fit your chin to keep your head from falling forward. Your head is also cradled and propped up by the waves in the pillow.”



This NapFun memory foam pillow springs back into form in just five seconds and is designed for comfort and portability. Martinez likes that it has side support and an adjustable drawstring that ensures the pillow closes tightly around your neck to hold your head in place. 


Napfun is focused on perfecting the travel neck pillow, developing the product with customer feedback in mind, The pillow is a standout because it’s designed to offer 360-degree support to your head and neck through seven specific points. 

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The NAPFUN neck pillow is another amazing option and it’s affordable. It’s one of the best travel pillows for long flights, short flights, and more. It will wrap nicely around your need and keep your head in place so you don’t suffer any aches and pains. 


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