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There are many different types of markets. It seems almost impossible to know which pillow is the best.
In short, buying the cheapest or the first thing you see is too real.
However, many people do not realize how important a pillow is to you.
When we spend a third of our lives sleeping (a third of our lives depend on our head!) It's necessary that our pillows divert us from the comfort and provide enough support for our whole evening.
Most of us have neck pain and sit on the rear wheel of the desk or the hour after hour.
Choosing a pillow that fits you will help alleviate the pain. In other words, a wrong pillow can make neck pain worse.
That's why you have to spend some time and energy finding the best travel pillow for you, so we're here.
The first step is to choose the material of pillow core.
Different materials and different people operate, the products we manufacture bring us different experiences, which will determine our choice of pillow materials.
We have sorted out these contents to help you choose suitable pillow materials.
We believe it can help you figure out what's in the pillow and make you sleep sounder, longer and more comfortable.

Memory Foam Pillows

First of all, memory foam, originally developed as a high-tech material for the NASA space program. It is specially designed for astronauts and helps reduce the stress of astronauts during take-off and landing. Because the memory foam has a unique decompression function, a slow rebound pillow allows the body to rest in a natural, pressure-free position. It is a very popular pillow material. Since then, memory foam has become a popular product for pillows, mattresses and mattress covers, providing a comfortable and supportive nap for people who are looking for sleep.
How does it work? Those who are familiar with it know that it will shape your own shape. It responds to your body and shapes them according to your head and neck to wrap them up. Without the warmth and pressure of your body, it will slowly return to its original shape - but the speed of this material recovery varies, depending on the quality of the product you buy.
If this material is popular, memory foam is a good choice for anyone. It provides natural and stable support, and it will not be eliminated like other materials. So it is ideal for people with back or neck pain. In fact, a neck pillow designed for neck pain is usually made from memory foam.

Shredded memory foam pillow

The standard memory foam pillow is made up of a solid foam, chopping memory foam the same way, but it is chopped and chopped. This makes it softer and the edges more unstable.
Why choose the chopped memory foam? Because it is usually more breathable than standard memory foam, and lack of circulation is one of the main drawbacks of traditional memory foam. Of course, it is also comfortable and provides support, while allowing the rest of the people to "sink" more, for many people, more comfortable.
Many chopped memory foam manufacturers allow you to adjust the padding to suit yourself. That is to say, if you don't feel strong enough, you can pad it out, or if you think it's too hard, you can do some filling. Traditional memory foam pillows do not provide this customization, so if you are a bit picky about the height of the pillow, this is a good choice.

Polyester fiber filled pillow

Polyester fiber filling is also popular because low cost and easy access are facts. Fiber filler is a kind of artificial material, this material pillow entered the market in the 1950s, and other materials stepped on the foot.
Like down pillows or feather pillows, buying polyester fiber filled pillows is not easy to harden, which means that everyone has their own different products. Because they can be machine washed and dried - making them a good choice for busy parents or people who only pursue low prices!
Other characteristics are that they are light and usually very soft and tasteless.
Of course, polyester fiber filler also has some disadvantages.
First, the permeability of polyester fiber filler is weak. Air cannot be circulated through materials, which may lead to uncomfortable weather in summer or in hot weather. Materials are also easy to get together, especially when your pillow is aging. They may flatten faster than many other materials.
Finally, they are unable to resist dust mites, and the production of polyester fibers also involves chemicals and toxins. This will not only damage the environment. but also damage your health.

Microbeads pillow

The beads pillow is filled with round polystyrene beads, just like we found in a bean bag. Pillows are usually made of soft, elastic material, such as Lycra or spandex.
Almost all microbead pillows are very different from your standard pillows. They are usually designed for travel, small cylindrical shapes, so you're unlikely to find a suitable bed for you.
Microbead pillows are a bit bad, but they do have some selling points. They are good travel pillows. Small U-shaped pillows are soft and smooth, easy to shape around the neck, providing you with a place to rest during a long flight or car travel.
Anyone with environmental awareness should be vigilant against bead pillows. Recently, beads in cosmetics and personal care products have been banned in the UK because plastics can cause significant damage to the ocean.
Secondly, although travel pillows are certainly comfortable, they can be noisy and potentially suffocating infants.
Although microsphere pillows are very comfortable, plastic can damage the ocean so that they are not going to many people. If you're worried, you'd better choose something greener.

Latex pillow

Latex can be either natural or synthetic. Natural latex originates from sap, which consists of a variety of chemicals. Blend latex is a natural and synthetic mixture.
When latex is made into pillows, it usually has good elasticity. For this reason, latex pillows are often compared to memory foam, and many people want more support. Of course, some factors may make latex pillows a better choice for you.
The latex pillow has strong support and can support your head and neck to sleep. When preventing and reducing neck pain, miracles happen. Natural latex and synthetic latex are allergenic and resistant to dust mites. Finally, they are durable and not susceptible to allergies, which means that it is easy to clean and last for a long time. Many people feel comfortable and breathable.
However, everything is good and bad. Latex pillow is one of the most expensive pillows. Of course, if money is not a problem and you want a durable, luxurious and most importantly comfortable pillow, latex is a good choice for almost everyone.

Gel pillow

Gels are usually used to add extra comfort to memory foam or latex pillows. The pillow is injected into gel beads combined with memory or latex foam.
Gel pillows are cool. When beads are combined with foam, they create air currents, help keep your pillows cool and make your evenings more comfortable. In addition, gel pillows provide the same benefits as memory foam or latex - they have better-supporting properties and increase the benefits of adjusting the temperature and absorbing heat.
The biggest problem is that it can reduce the durability of pillows. Gel beads easily break the foam cell structure, implying that a new gel free bead pillow will need to be purchased.
Although memory foam and latex foam pillows are already very expensive, adding gel only increases this cost. Although the price difference is not very large, adding a little extra cost to already expensive items can have such a big impact - especially when durability decreases.
If you plan to buy gel for pillows, you must pay attention to the amount of gel. If you buy a cheap pillow and pour it into gel beads, it will be pointless.


I hope this article will help you find the best travel pillow for you, instead of trying to buy a pillow that doesn't work for you, resulting in your money being wasted.

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