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Order a window seat.

When I book seats on trains (or planes), I often book window seats in advance, considering that I will try to sleep on planes. So I can lean my head against the window instead of leaving it nowhere, so that I can avoid waking up every 10 minutes because of the pain in my neck. Besides, I put a soft cushion between my head and window. This cushion can insulate my head from the cold window.
As I thought, window seats are also strategically designed so that when your neighbor needs to go to the bathroom, you won't be woken up. However, you can always climb out on the top of the bathroom, or find another way to go out, in case you are the one who needs to go to the bathroom.

Intelligent sleep packaging

Unlike airplanes, when you are ready to rest, you can pull down the curtains, but the train is very bright and loud. If you want to sleep, bring your pajamas. So you can pack the amount you need. For me, the necessary equipment can not sleep without it, including:
Sleep mask
Travel pillow
Some forms of cover: blankets, jackets, sleeping bags.

Preventive pickpocket

Sleeping on a long-distance train can make you a pickpocket/thief target, especially if you don't have extra security measures to stay in a private/locked car. To be precise, you can't do more things to help yourself and your things. If you sleep in an unlocked, unsupervised space. However, what you can do is to make correct assumptions about your behavior and plan ahead. Your goal should be to make your things less attractive to thieves and avoid them doing more. Here are some tips you can do.
Put your wallet / document / cell phone / valuables in a personal pocket. Clothes and other valuables can be placed in backpacks.
If you have a laptop bag, please tie it to some fixed support. This can be your leg, seat itself, table between seats, etc. The key is to let the bag get a fixed support to make it difficult to get rid of.
Similarly, you can also put your backpack and suitcase on the luggage rack. Again, this makes it even harder to snatch.
Lock zippers on all bags with padlock/zip ties/key rings/paper clips. This obviously makes the bag more difficult to enter.
Make sure that the top item in the backpack is something that the thief is not interested in. It's better to put dirty underwear and smelly socks in a plastic bag and open it to the backpack. This is the first thing a potential thief saw when he opened the bag.

Keep the temperature.

The train temperature will not remain unchanged, it will fluctuate with many factors, so we should make some preparations when the train is running and running, and when the train stops at the station, we should also prepare warmer temperatures, especially in summer. The cool temperatures of most trains actually help sleep, because the ideal sleep temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees, but if the train is too cold, even in winter, you can wear several thick layers of clothes or snuggle under a furry blanket or scarf.


Usually, the only drawback to sleeping on a train is that you have to sit on your seat and rest. Luckily, much long distance Travel Company (including the US railway company) provide sleeping cars. Although they are extra expenses, they provide beds and more private space. Try to bring your private pillow from home to make the experience more relaxing. It is better to book these rooms beforehand because they are easy to fill quickly. If you can't afford a sleeper car, you can try to take off your shoes and lie in two or three seats when you don't have a neighbor. This is also a very good choice.

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I’ve been having this problem, sleeping on the train is so tiring, your advice is really great😍😍✌!!

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