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Following NapFun Travel pillow to the picturesque East coast, New Jersey is undoubtedly lucky. it is situated on beautiful beaches, relics of ancient civilization and the natural flavor of dense forests. In addition to the four seasons, it makes summer sunshine and winter snow beautiful. In addition, New Jersey is small, but rich in attractions, location adjacent to New York State, and convenient for visitors to take a ferry to New York State. 

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Noisy crowds and stretching coastlines provide a unique geographical location and popularity for the Atlantic City entertainment center. It boasts not only casinos, nightclubs and shopping malls, but also coastal sidewalks known for luxury resorts, dazzling shops and steel wharf amusement parks.

Paterson Falls National Historical Park

Located in Paterson Falls National History Park, the 24-meter-high Pasek River Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in the United States. At the end of autumn, the maple leaves in the park are coming down with the waterfalls, and the scenery is more beautiful.


New Jersey's largest city, Newark's collection of art galleries, shopping centers and historic sites, has also given the city a temporary boost. But in fact, Newark also has a romantic side, each cherry blossom season, where the number of cherry blossoms is the largest in the United States.

Barnegat Lighthouse State Park

Climbing on the 217 staircases of the lighthouse, the scenery is vast and boundless the Atlantic. Apart from enjoying the vast Atlantic Ocean on a lighthouse, hiking in a park along a mountain road, or having a picnic in a park, this is a great way to relax and enjoy outdoor life.


Wildwood boasts an eight-kilometer-long white beach, with a colorful playground dotted with 38 blocks. These include roller coasters, water parks, shops, shopping malls and restaurants. Of course, when night falls, there is also a beautiful night scene at night.

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

Delaware water gorge covers an area of more than 70000 mu, located between Delaware and New Jersey. In addition to the surging canyons, the rich hiking routes, endless scenery, picturesque highways, historic buildings and surrounding trees provide an excellent outdoor tourist environment.

Battleship New Jersey

The New Jersey warship docked at the Camden Museum of Warships after 19 campaigns and the glorious retirement of numerous award-winning warships. Following the group's footsteps, you can not only browse the captain's command room and other cabins but also climb up to the fortress and feel the majesty of the warship at close range.

Liberty State Park

Formerly a busy transportation hub, free State Park has become a popular tourist attraction in New Jersey. Here you can overlook the skyline of the Hudson River, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and New York. Not only that, it is also a park with outdoor recreational activities and bicycle roads.

Grounds For Sculpture

The Sculpture Park covers 42 acres in Hamilton or Hamilton, New Jersey. In addition to lush plants, the park has as many as 270 statues, a wealth of exhibits to make it easier for visitors to walk in the park.

Cape May

Located in the southern part of New Jersey, the May headland is famous for its picturesque resort hotel. The city is decorated with elegant Victorian architecture, while the ancient Cape May lighthouse on the Blue Sea illuminates the sea and becomes a landmark of Cape Mui. Why not take Innovation™ 2 In 1 pillows for a beach trip?

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