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        Travel Neck Pillow is a pillow designed to carry on a journey. Some people carry travel pillows to make car trips or air travel more comfortable. Campers and hikers can also put their travel pillows in bags to keep them comfortable while sleeping. Tourist shops often have various designs of tourist pillows, and can also use ordinary pillows as tourist pillows, but the effect is absolutely not as good as travel pillows.

So how to judge whether a travel neck pillow is suitable for yourself?

       Comfort is undoubtedly the most important thing when people talk about sleeping. I'm sure most people don't choose a pillow with a bad experience to rest. If you find a comfortable pillow, congratulations on your first point. Unfortunately, after several times of use, they begin to change and become uncomfortable and unable to support your neck. Some cheap pillows on the market do, this situation is difficult to judge, so it is necessary to try different neck pillows, to screen out which ones are highly recognized in the market. In addition, the important reason for traveling pillow is travel portability. Under normal circumstances, the most comfortable may not be too small, but don't worry, because sellers will give bags, if your travel pillow has a bag, it will protect your travel pillow from any dirt and so on. Of course, a button or elastic band is also good for your backpack / daily bag. Finally, when you find the best pillow for you, you only care about the price. If you buy cheap things, you may need to buy another one in a few months to replace it. In the market, a good travel pillow costs about 20-40 dollars. You shouldn't spend more money.

       NapFun focus on creating a true sense of ergonomic travel neck pillow for everyone. Our product also fully reflects our perfect interpretation of ergonomics, Innovation pillow achieves our goal perfectly, it can make your head and neck can be effectively supported without reducing the comfort of the neck pillow, while also allowing your shoulder to rest, and our pillow can have. Relieving neck pain effectively helps you get better sleep.


  • Prevent head movement: Innovation pillow is specially designed according to the contour of the human head and neck, with the help of neck strength, so that your head is fixed. The unique designed pillow will not push your head forward when supporting your back neck.
  • Perfect chin support: By measuring the distance between Chin and shoulder, the pillow we designed has effective support for the chin. Not only that, if you use it as a bed pillow, the support it provides can prevent you from snoring, is it very incredible? you can try it if you don't believe it.
  • Relieving neck pain: The most important thing is the high comfort, while ergonomically designed pillows have a corrective effect on the neck.
     Travelers need this pillow to relieve neck pain and headache, help them sleep and enjoy a more stable ride. Anyway, you don't have to suffer from neck pain anymore.
  • Adjustable elastic band: Adjust Pillow Size by fully adjustable buttons, whether you have a troublesome neck or not? Because our pillows are designed for everyone.


  • Slow Rebound Memory Pillow Core: Innovation Pillow contains high-quality memory pillows, which can vary with body temperature and shape while giving you enough support to make you feel like you are sleeping in water.
  • Top Quality fabrics: Innovation Pillow is made of super soft elastic fabric and easy to disassemble for easy cleaning.
  • Portable bags: Portable bags are given away. When you place an order, you can either put them in directly or roll them up and stuff them in. No matter where you go, you will not regret taking them with you.
  • Sleep Mask&Earplugs:


  • Business Travel: Busy work may make you forget to prepare for your business trip, but please wear it, it can make your business trip is no longer boring.

  • Holiday travel: Pillows designed for travel are usually used for travel, which means they are small, or they can be compressed, folded, or somehow decomposed so that they occupy the smallest space, whether it's for hiking, self-driving or bus, train, subway or airplane, you can use them. Take a rest and lay a solid foundation for the next journey.
But things aren't absolute. Innovation Pillow can be used for travel as well as for company or home. It won't take up too much space for you, just the size of one palm when it's accepted.
  • Camping: Camping with friends on weekends, it's really more convenient than your bed pillow. Your friends will be surprised to put it in the portable bag we gave you.

  • Office break: after lunch, wear it for a rest. You will be full of energy in the afternoon.

  • Home necessities: In fact, you do not want to go anywhere, just want to stay at home, watch TV, play video games, which is also suitable for you. Although it is called a travel pillow, it is only one of the purposes, but in fact, it is a neck pillow, not necessarily to travel to use it, it just helps us better rest in order to more. Wonderful life, no matter where you are, for the comfort it brings to me, who cares what it is called?

Over the years, people have been trying to find a better way to take a short break. Our mission is to provide everyone with the ultimate way to rest, make their daily life more exciting while maintaining a high degree of comfort and style. And these features of our products make it the best choice for business travel or other purposes, which is the true sense of ergonomic travel neck pillow.
We believe that there is no best travel Neck pillow, only better travel pillow, we will continue to design and develop more ergonomic products.

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