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1.Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Kilimanjaro is the most famous scenic spot in Africa, located in Tanzania. At an altitude of 5892 meters, although it is located at the equator, the mountain tops snow all year round, and is called "the roof of Africa". However, as global warming has become more and more serious in recent years, the snow peaks on the top of Kilimanjaro are receding year by year. Climbing Kilimanjaro with NapFun Travel Pillow is a better experience. Kilimanjaro National Park is the highest mountain in Africa. From the foot of the mountain, we can experience different scenery such as tropical rain forest, alpine grassland, alpine desert and so on. It can also enjoy the prairie scenery below the mountain. Of course, the greatest achievement is of course the peak.


In July and August each year, the most spectacular sight on the African continent is the transit of paradise in Kenya. Horse troops from the Serengeti Prairie have arrived on the banks of the Mara River in Kenya to prepare for the most difficult part of the journey, the river crossing. For many small antelope, the Mara River leads to heaven and hell. Two or three months after birth, the pony was alone in the rough waters of the Mara River, with crocodiles lurking in the water waiting to be attacked. As long as we cross this river, the opposite is a paradise.

3.Tunisia--Blue and White Town

Compared with Western names, the name of the blue-white town is more famous. If you have to choose the most beautiful and romantic town in North Africa, then blue and white towns must be on the list. The blue and white town is located 20 kilometers north of Tunisia capital Tunis and is on the verge of the Mediterranean. Built by medieval Spanish refugees, cliff-side towns are also full of unique Andalusian-style southern Europe. In Tunisia's eyes, blue symbolizes peace and stability, and white symbolizes purity. In 1916, the local government issued a document stipulating that all houses in the town should be blue and white. For hundreds of years, people here have followed this rule strictly, so blue and white towns are just like today.

4.Table Mountain in South Africa

With the table mountain, there is Cape Town. It was Table Mountain that blocked the cold winds from the Southwest Atlantic that kept Cape Town warm throughout the year and attracted countless people to settle down. It's hard to imagine such a strange mountain in the world. From a distance, the mountain peak was cut off by a knife and showed an incredible height. Sometimes the wind blows the sea of clouds and covers the whole table like a huge tablecloth. Hence the name "Table Mountain". Some people say that Taishan is too flat because it is God's table. I think God must be a romantic person, so he will choose to eat in a place facing the sea, where there is spring. The best way to visit table-mountain is to take the cableway. If you climb to the top of the mountain, if you are brave enough, you can stay in the sun and turn on the lights. At that time, you can enjoy the night view of Cape Town, which is one of the three great nightscapes in the world.

5.Egyptian pyramids

Egyptian pyramids is one of the eight wonders of the world. It is one of the most famous scenic spots in Africa. As Egypt's tourism booms, countless people go to Cairo to feel the charm of the ancient Egyptian civilization under the pyramids. If you want to see Pyramid, the best place to go is Giza in the suburbs of Cairo. There are three of the world's largest pyramids, one of which is the famous Hufu Pyramid, and the other is an excellent view of the pyramid in southwestern Cairo, the ancient city of Memphis, the most concentrated pyramid. Imagine riding a camel across the desert to a mountain-like pyramid, sunset hanging west, and the wind blowing yellow sand across your face. The heavy feeling that time brings will make you feel the weight of civilization.

6.Djemaa el-Fna Square, Morocco

Like Tunisia, Morocco is also one of the ancient civilizations in North Africa and has rich tourism resources. Tunisia has a blue and white town and Deguima square in Morocco. Deguima square is located in Marrakech, the ancient city of Morocco. The most attractive attraction is the night market. From the beginning of 1050, the night market appeared on Dejima square. For more than one thousand years, the night market on the square has never changed its prosperity. If you want to see the most popular Arabia in your daily life, you have to go to de Ma square. Tokushima Square is not very busy during the day, because the number of vendors and tourists on the square will increase when the sun goes west. All kinds of Arabia cuisine; flutes and snakes; spices and spices; storytelling. All the things you've seen and never seen will be staged at the square.

7.Okavango Delta

Okavango Delta is not in the sea, but in the interior of Africa. Originating from the Angolan Plateau, the Okavango River has long wandered inland in southern Africa without finding any oceans, forming the world's largest inland delta: the Okavango Delta. It is known as the world's most primitive ecological reserve. Abundant water resources attract all kinds of animals. There are millions of fish in the water, lurking in luxuriant grass, and there are hundreds of birds from time to time. Of course, the most attractive ones are all terrestrial animals inhabiting marshes. Here, everything is unique. Here, you can follow the local canoe across the delta, you can also take a helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft, from the sky overlooking the delta magical scenery. The most exciting way is to ride horses in the marsh, which is better than cowboys in Europe and America.

8.Namibia whale Bay

In our imagination, the oceans should be rich in water vapor and abundant rainfall. However, in Namibia's Whale Bay, there is one of the driest deserts in the world - the Namibian Desert. In other places, it is hard to imagine such a scenario. Beside the ocean is the desert, beside the desert is the ocean. If you can't stand the hot desert sunlight, go to the beach and feel the cool feeling of the cold sea. There are many recreational facilities in whale Bay. There are shark watching activities at sea, sand washing activities on land and in heaven, you can also experience parachuting, hot air balloons and other activities. Not far from Whale Bay, seals and sea lions gather among hundreds of thousands of people, a spectacular sight. The whale Bay tour is a comprehensive land, sea and air entertainment.

9.Zimbabwe / Zambia Vitoria cataract

The most spectacular spectacle in central and southern Africa is the Vitoria waterfall at the junction of Zimbabwe and Zambia. Other attractions can be missed in both countries, but Victoria Falls can't be bypassed anyway. There are three big waterfalls in the world, one of which is the Great Falls of Vitoria. The water volume of the Great Falls reaches 5000 cubic meters per second and water mist can be seen 10 kilometers away. Locals marvel at the magnificence of Victoria Falls and call it "Thunderbolt Fog," which is also quite appropriate. Just take NapFun Travel Pillow and go!


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