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Before you travel, no matter how you get to your destination - cars, trains, airplanes, etc. you have to be prepared for everything, including something that helps you sleep. A better rest means that you will enjoy every moment of your journey. Most of the ways to help sleep are wearing a blindfold, supporting neck pillow or adjusting seats.

1. the best design

The most common type of neck pillow is the U-pillow, and the innovation pillow is carefully designed according to the contour of the head, neck, and shoulder. It is suitable for everyone. Its unique shape can closely fit the neck and fully enjoy the comfort it brings. As long as you wear it, it gives people the impulse to want to sleep. In addition, it can be lifted. For 360 degrees of support, you no longer need to worry about sleeping because your head is nowhere to be placed.

Prevent Head Movement: Innovation pillows are specially designed according to the contour of the human head and neck, with the help of neck strength, so that your head is fixed. The unique design pillow will not push your head forward when supporting your back neck.
Perfect chin support: By measuring the distance between Chin and shoulder, pillow design provides effective chin support. What's more, if you use it as a bed pillow, does it provide support to prevent snoring? Is it amazing? If you don't believe it, you can try it.
Relieving neck pain: The most important thing is a high comfort, and ergonomically designed pillow on the neck correction effect.
Travelers need this pillow to relieve neck pain and headache, help them sleep and enjoy a more stable ride. Anyway, you don't have to endure neck pain anymore.
Adjustable elastic band: adjust the neck size fully adjustable button, whether you have trouble neck? Because our pillows are designed for everyone.

2. The best material.

The innovation pillow is made from a slow rebound memory foam specially designed for the aerospace industry. After thousands of adjustments, the balance between enough support and enough soft comfort is finally achieved. Some high-quality neck pillows are also used in the market. Memory foam was originally developed as a high-tech material for NASA's space program. It is specially designed for astronauts, helping to reduce the pressure of astronauts during take-off and landing. Because memory foam has a unique decompression function, a slow rebound pillow can allow the body to rest in a natural, pressure-free position. This is a very popular pillow material. Since then, memory foam has become a popular product of pillows, mattresses, and bedspreads, providing a comfortable and supportive nap for people looking for sleep.
How does it work?
It will shape your own shape. It responds to your body and shapes them according to your head and neck. Without your enthusiasm and pressure on your body, it will slowly return to its original shape. This material will recover at different rates depending on the quality of the product you buy.
If this material is popular, memory foam is a good choice for anyone. It provides natural and stable support, and it will not be eliminated like other materials. So it's ideal for people with back or neck pain. In fact, the neck pillow designed for neck pain is usually made from memory foam.
The coat is made of the best polyurethane and polyester, comfortable and elastic, and easy to remove and clean.

3. best service

The easy to carry bags can help prevent your pillow from touching the dust.
It is because we have enough confidence in our products that we offer a two-year 100% refund guarantee.
If you want to choose the most comfortable pillow, then our innovation pillow will be very suitable for you. It has more functions and comfort than the market pillow. Of course, we would like to hear your feedback on how you feel about using our pillow and even leave a comment on our Facebook page!

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