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Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "Life is like a journey, you don't have to care about the destination." It was also one of the wisdom quotes of Eric Daniel, the writer, and director of the Madagascar film.
It is true that there is no problem with this sentence as chicken soup for the soul. But in real life, Emerson, who had never been in a car for more than 10 hours, should find it hard to identify with the boredom and tedium of the long journey. Take a travel pillow will be better. 
The vacation is fun (hopefully, at least), but the process of reaching the destination and the comfort of staying away from the warm nest are all the obstacles that precede the fun of the vacation. You want to be as happy as you can during the holidays, your bag will not be in trouble (such as lost or damaged) during the trip, and the things you care about will not be unexpected during the holidays...
We all hope that our journey will be smooth and interesting. To achieve this goal, in addition to like-minded travelers, some travel equipment is essential. Some of them can help you to minimize travel noise, some can ensure that your favorite electronic products work well, and some can let you. Travel needs not be too boring.
In short, these are essential travel technologies that will greatly enhance your travel satisfaction and smoothness. Let's see if it fits with your travel list.

Large Portable Power

With the popularity of smartphones, people are most afraid of sudden silence, boredom, as well as in the lost time of emergency, so mobile power is particularly important, it has become one of the signs of travel safety.
Mobile power should be small, but more capacitive, after all, when traveling, the panic and loss caused by the power failure of the mobile phone are very bad.
In addition, if you travel with friends, a mobile power supply with two or more USB charging interfaces may be more useful to each other.

Power converter

Because of the different power environment and civil voltage in different countries around the world, the voltage range of electrical appliances is also different, so when traveling abroad, universal plugs become a necessity.
Although the switch plug can also be obtained from the hotel, due to the limited number of equipment and other reasons, the use of convenience is not so convenient. In addition, not all overseas hotels will be equipped with such equipment, so once not, in charge, the use of domestic electronic equipment will be subject to greater restrictions.
It's not necessary to affect the use of your favorite electronic devices because of such small problems, do you?


Nowadays, whether it is a person's trip or a group of people's carnival, self-timer have become one of the necessary tourist items, even if you are not a self-timer traveler, under the beautiful scenery, always want to take a few beautiful photos with it.
Bring this guy on your cell phone and connect it to Bluetooth to make it easy for everyone to get into the camera and leave the most satisfying memorial.

Waterproof mobile phone cover

When traveling to places with water such as swimming pools and beaches, waterproof mobile phone covers are considered as a great weapon for travel equipment. With it, taking underwater photos and surfing the Internet is no longer a problem of isolating your phone from use, and it also protects your phone from flooding to a great extent.

Noise reduction headset


The noise of the engine, the scream of a child, the chatter around him, etc. are all part of the journey.
If you use a normal headset to counteract this noise, you often need to turn it on at a very large volume to relieve it slightly, but over time, it can cause serious damage to the ear's hearing. At this point, the advantages of noise reduction headphones are reflected, it can easily adjust the volume of noise, its adverse effects to the minimum, and will not cause greater damage to hearing.

E-Book Reader

If you're a travel and reading enthusiast, then carrying an e-book reader with you should be your choice.
Although the experience of reading books can't be replaced by anything else, it's not wise to carry too many books with you during your trip, so an e-reader can definitely be your best choice.
In addition, when traveling by long-distance train or plane, e-readers can be one of the most portable and entertaining forms of entertainment.

NapFun Exploration Pillow

Traveling without a travel pillow is imperfect. Having a perfect travel pillow makes you feel how wonderful a journey can be. Finding the perfect travel pillow is not a headache, so grab our N8 travel neck pillow to make sure your journey is complete and that you get to your destination comfortably.

Portable clothes hanger

Travel will encounter a variety of unexpected conditions, such as sudden rain, clothes and shoes have been wet, underwear washed not dry and so on, as long as the portable dry clothes rack, these conditions are not a problem, portable dry clothes rack can achieve three hours of warm air to cold air automatic switching, drying and sterilization are complete, carry this type of clothes The artifact and clothes need not be taken too much. They can be washed at night and can be worn second days in the morning.

Baggage tracker

If you go on vacation with more than one piece of luggage and even need to change planes, the loss of luggage can have a big impact on your next trip. The appearance of baggage tracker will largely prevent this from happening. The mobile cellular technology used in this product uses the signal tower to transmit information. It has an advantage over GPS in tracking baggage location. It uses satellite positioning and cannot be used indoors. Put it in the trunk, and you can tell the user the location of the trunk at any time, no longer need to worry about the accidental loss of luggage.
The baggage tracker usually has 500 hours of standby time, and there is no need to worry about power failure on long-distance travel. In addition, the baggage tracker is very small, in addition to tracking baggage, you can also track children, travel is undoubtedly one of the necessary multi-purpose items.

Pocket translator

When traveling abroad, the language barrier is a very troublesome thing. This portable translation machine can solve these problems to a large extent. This pocket translator can translate spoken Chinese and English more quickly and accurately than some mobile phones have their own translation applications, just like a portable translator.
In addition, many pocket translators, besides tourism translation, can also be used to practice oral English every day. With the development of mobile technology, the accuracy and translatability of these portable translations are still improving, so even if some languages are completely unknown, it is still easy to travel and talk! finally, please remember that travel with Napfun travel pillow all the time, you will find endless fun.

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