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October 16, 2018 8 min read

The 10 most popular tourist attractions in the world

1. Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon of the United States is a world-famous natural wonder located on the Kaibab Plateau in the northwestern part of Arizona, with a total area of 2724.7 square kilometers. The Colorado River, also known as the Colorado Grand Canyon, is one of In Grand Canyon National Park. Just take NapFun Travel Pillow, it will protect your neck, The Grand Canyon overlooks from a high altitude, it is possible to The Colorado River, which flies over several of torrents, flows from the bottom of the Grand Canyon. It is the giant of the river. After 5 million years ago, with its genius imagination and extraordinary willpower, It cut the plateau, reorganized the river and the rock, Subverting time and space, wrote the legend of the Grand Canyon about 443 kilometers, with an average width of 16 kilometers and a depth of 1.6 kilometers. Interesting Gly, the Indians living at the bottom of the Grand Canyon did not have the word Grand Canyon in their vocabulary, and they created a new word based on their way of thinking. This new word happens to be the most vivid description of the Grand Canyon. : "The long mountain is falling down."


2. Australia's Great Barrier Reef

There is one of the largest and longest coral reefs in the world, and it is known as the Great Barrier Reef. It runs through Australia's east coast, with a total length of 2011 kilometers and a maximum width of 161 kilometers. The southern end is 241 km far from the coast and the northern end is only 16 km from the coast. At the time of the ebb, some coral reefs emerge from the water surface to form a coral island. The Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest coral reef, stretches out in the coral sea off Australia's northeast coast, like a natural anti-slope, guarding Queensland's east coast, protecting it from the raging waves. It is 7 kilometers long from north to south, narrow in the north and wide in the south. It consists of thousands of coral reefs with a total area of 207,000 square kilometers. At low tide, about 80,000 square kilometers are exposed to the water surface; at high tide, most of them are submerged, and hundreds of island reefs are flickering over 400 species of corals in the Great Barrier Reef, in warm and clear waters. , presenting a variety of different colors and shapes of reefs. The body is mostly round or elliptical, with a large reef and a small reef. The atoll is surrounded by calm and lagoons. On the reef, where the sea can't be drowned, coconut trees, palm trees, towering vines, and many seabirds.


3. Florida, USA

Florida's most beautiful Palm Beach is one of the most famous tourist paradise in the world. The climate is pleasant, beautiful beaches, food, art exhibitions and cultural performances, even the most discerning tourists will be satisfied with Palm Beach. Every April, Palm Beach's art activities are the most colorful, including a variety of beach crafts exhibitions, which were launched at the Palm Beach Jazz Festival on April 4th, showcasing the most outstanding jazz music in the United States and winning Art lovers. Favor. Florida's geographic location is a major factor in its rapid development, and it explains the state's unique personality of the times. The beauty of Florida is on the peninsula, protruding from the North American continent to the southeast. The peninsula separates the Gulf of Mexico from the Atlantic Ocean and points to the Republic of Cuba and the Caribbean Sea. Florida is only bordered by two states in the north: Georgia and Alabama. The nearest foreign territory is the Bahamas, about 50 miles (80 km) from the eastern end of the state. In addition to Hawaii, Florida is the southernmost state in the United States, with its northernmost point 100 miles from the southernmost state of California. The reef is the crescent-shaped archipelago that forms the southernmost tip of the state, scattered over 1,700 miles of water near the equator. do you want to go there with a travel pillow and enjoy the sunbathe on the beach?


4. South Island of New Zealand

New Zealand is located in the South Pacific Ocean, facing Australia from the Tasman Sea in the west. It is 1,600 kilometers west of Australia and Tonga in the east. The land area of Fiji is 270,000 square kilometers and the coastline is 6,900 kilometers long. There are many beautiful beaches on the coastline. Mainly consisting of the South Island and the North Island, the Cook Strait separates the two islands. There are also many smaller islands. The whole territory is mountainous, and the mountain area accounts for 50% of the national area. The southern part of the South Island is full of majestic Southern Alps. Cook Peak is 3,764 meters above sea level and is the highest peak in the country. Whether it's lush rainforest, crystal clear lakes, grassy hillsides, white sand beaches, all show New Zealand's freshness and beauty.

5. Cape of Good Hope

When visiting South Africa, don't miss the opportunity to visit the cutting-edge Cape of Good Hope in Africa. The Cape of Good Hope is about 60 kilometers from Cape Town and is the intersection of the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Because the Cape of Good Hope is a prominent hill. It used to be called the storm corner. Because of the bad weather here, many ships have been in danger here. However, after the navigation on the Indian Ocean route, it was said That the Portuguese king changed her name to the Cape of Good Hope, because she could see the evident scenery of the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean. The Cape of Good Hope is the boundary between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Changing and the scenery is wonderful. It stands on the sea, and there are more than two thousand feet of Dakama Peak, cliffs and waves, and the waves are splashing.

6. Golden temple

The Golden Temple is located in the Indian border city of Amritsar. As a holy place for Sikhism, Amrit means “nectar pond”. It was only the Sikhism of the Hindu reformist branch. After several generations of religious efforts, it eventually developed into a completely independent religion in the 16th century. For this reason, the fourth generation of Sikhs’ ancestors built a pool called “ The nectar pond, Amrit is named after it. The Golden Temple was built by the 5th generation of Sikhs in 1589. It was completed in 1601 and has a history of 400 years. Because the temple door and the size of the 19 round temples are covered with gold foil, under the sun, it is especially eye-catching and has always been called the "House of God" by the Sikhs. The Golden Temple of India, also known as the Viswanath Temple, is the highest-ranking temple in the Varanasi Temple. It is located on the street north of the Ganges Baths. It was one of the Mughal dynasties in the original Vishwanath Temple. The emperor was destroyed and rebuilt in 1776. This temple is dedicated to Shiva, a visitor to Varanasi, it is a must-visit place, but non-Hindus is not allowed to enter. The average tourist can only overlook the temple at the height of the building on the Golden Temple. In the scene, you can also peep into the temple from the hole in the back of the temple. The golden temple tower is towering, and the gilded round tower reflects the blue clear sky. It shows a solemn and magnificent style. It is said that the golden temple roof shares 880 kilograms of gold, so it is called "Golden Temple".

7.Las Vegas

After passing through a dry, barren land, a golden city that never disappears suddenly appears on the edge of the earth, and it will surely be shocked by this special city. Yes, this is Las Vegas, an incredibly artificial city. When approaching the city along Highway 15, anyone's gaze will be drawn to the gleaming neon lights and the most characteristic luxury tourist hotels, even in the illusion of being completely out of everyday life. It is the entertainment center of the world, and all the cities are designed for enjoyment. You are welcome to come here and experience the real dreams. No matter which road you drive to the casino at night, you can find that the sky ahead is extremely bright, just one hour away. Until the last hill was turned over, the magnificent scenery seen in front of me would make all the other people unforgettable. Las Vegas, a dazzling pearl in the innocent desert, no matter the day or night, regardless of the shade, always fascinating the infinite charm of attracting you and me.


As the host city of the 2000 Olympic Games, Sydney's most important feature may be Sydney Harbour, one of the world's most famous seaports. The beautiful Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge on Sydney Harbour has increased its visibility. The harbour has many small bays, harbours and beaches that fascinate local residents and tourists from all over the world. The Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge are symbols of Australia. The Sydney Opera House is recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the 20th Century World. It is the most recognizable building in Sydney. Its white appearance, a shell-like sculpture built on the harbour, like the scattered petals floating in the air. It has been amazing for many years. It has a concert hall, a theatre of music, a theatre, a children's theatre and a photography studio. Auctions, concerts and other events are held every month or even every week. It is the most popular place in Sydney. The Harbour Bridge is one of the few bridges that has been widely acclaimed in the world. This distinctive gray arched bridge is an air corridor that connects Sydney Harbour. It is 134 meters high and 503 meters long. It is also a frequent visitor to all kinds of movies and TV. Since its inception in 1930, the Harbour Bridge has been witnessing the development of Australia, especially Sydney.


9.New York

In addition to the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge across the East River in New York is another iconic building in New York. At least in the movies and TV screens, the 487-meter suspension bridge in the background of the Lantern Sea in Manhattan is no stranger. In addition to acting as a scene in film and television productions, the Blue Kelin Bridge has been reproduced on its own canvas by artists for countless times in the past 120 years.


10.Indian Taj Mahal

Located in the ancient capital of India, the Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. People who travel to India are mostly famous for their reputation. Behind the seven architectural wonders of the world, there is actually a history of sorrow and sorrow. Understanding its historical background can indeed increase the interest in viewing the Taj Mahal. In the 17th century, the Mughal Emperor used tens of thousands to commemorate his love. A worker built a mausoleum with gemstones and the details of the paintings are amazing. The most striking of the Taj Mahal is the main building constructed of pure white marble. The mausoleum is symmetrical and symmetrical, and the central dome is 62 meters high. It is amazing. In front of the Taj Mahal is a clear water channel with fruit trees and cypress trees planted on both sides of the waterway, symbolizing life and death. Just Travel with NapFun Travel Pillow!

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