Why Do You Need A Best Travel Pillow?

June 08, 2021 3 min read

Why Do You Need A Best Travel Pillow?

Comfort can change the world when you travel long distances. There are many ways to improve your personal comfort during the flight, such as staying hydrated, wearing loose clothing, and wearing a travel suit to help you fall asleep. Another good way to get comfort during long trips is to bring a travel pillow.

Many travelers consider using rolled up sweaters instead of travel pillows due to luggage space and weight limitations. However, a good travel neck pillow can bring you comfort and improve sleep quality, while providing the best neck support when traveling.

So how to find the best travel neck pillow? Different travel pillows have different types and styles, fabrics and materials, and costs. Everyone will definitely find the ideal travel pillow that suits their needs.

Different types of travel pillows

On the market, there are many types of travel pillows to choose from, which can even meet different sleeping styles and preferences. Your travel style may determine your choice to some extent, and you may even consider investing in several travel pillows to accommodate different types of travel. Generally, memory foam travel pillows are the best travel neck pillows overall. However, try some different styles and you may find something more suitable for you.


The main types of travel pillows include:

Inflatable travel pillows: Provide neck support. The main advantage of inflatable pillows is that they are very small after deflation and are easy to carry.

Wrap-around pillow: Because it is shaped like a snail's shell, it is also called a snail pillow. This type of pillow usually provides maximum support for the head and neck. But pillows are more bulky and difficult to carry and store.

Microbead U-shaped pillow: The microbead U-shaped pillow is made of polystyrene beads and is very light. The beads make it easier for the microbead travel pillow to provide the required support according to the contour of your neck. But because the filled beads are too tight, it is not easy to be compressed and packed. Therefore, memory foam travel pillows are not ideal for light travelers and may cause additional troubles. When you try to find a comfortable posture, the beads will move with it.

Memory foam travel pillow: In terms of providing high-quality comfort and neck support, the memory foam travel pillow is indeed the best travel pillow. When in use, it will shape the corresponding shape according to your neck contour, and will automatically shape according to the tilt direction of your head to provide maximum head support. When not in use, the pillow will return to its original shape.

Although memory foam travel pillows are excellent and provide excellent comfort and support, and are even easy to pack and carry, it should be noted that they are usually the most expensive of all travel pillows.

Things to consider

When looking for the best travel neck pillow, there are several main considerations: your usual sleeping position, pillow size, pillow flexibility and cost.

1. Sleeping position

sleep position
Everyone's sleeping posture is different, and different positions will lead to different sleeping postures, even when sitting. Some unique pillows are especially suitable for certain sleeping positions. Do you often move during sleep? When you are sitting and sleeping, is your head unable to be fixed? Wrap-around designs usually provide more support than U-shaped pillows. For example, there are some products on the market that can provide a lot of chin support or support for your entire upper body.

2. Pillow size

As for the size of the pillows, you need to make sure that they are not too big, otherwise you cannot easily fit them in your carry-on luggage. Inflatable travel pillows naturally take up less space than solid pillows. However, the recognized best travel pillows are all made of memory foam, and they can be compressed into a fairly small size.

3. Cost

Although quality and practicality are important factors that we need to consider when choosing a travel pillow, the price of the product cannot be ignored. Therefore, how much you spend on a travel pillow depends entirely on the travel experience you want. Generally speaking, ordinary travel pillows are less than US$20, and most excellent travel pillows are more expensive, such as memory foam travel pillows, which are usually between US$20-40. Considering that the pillow can improve your travel experience and the number of times you may use it, this is not a small expense.

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