Why Do I Need A Memory Foam Travel Pillow?

June 02, 2021 3 min read

Why Do I Need A Memory Foam Travel Pillow?

Memory foam travel pillow will be the best choice while traveling.


With the recovery of the tourism industry, travel pillows have once again become the focus of people. Whether you are traveling for a long distance or a short distance, you will need it because they can help people fall asleep during the journey.

However, the quality of travel pillows on the market is not uniform, and how to choose a suitable travel pillow has become the primary issue. Because travel pillows produced by different manufacturers have different designs to solve various problems, such as different shapes, sizes, weights and fillings.

When choosing a travel pillow, you need to consider your own situation. Please read the following tips carefully to help you find the best pillow for you.

Choose travel pillow type

When choosing a travel pillow, it is important to figure out the material of the travel pillow. There are three main types of travel pillows:

Microbead travel pillows are usually U-shaped with lightweight polystyrene beads. Pillows will change according to the shape of the body part to provide the most suitable support and comfort, although the comfort they provide is not very good. Because it is not easy to carry, it is not suitable for light travel.

The inflatable travel pillow is U-shaped like the microbead travel pillow. Usually the hardness depends on the degree of saturation of the inflation, you can inflate them to the hardness that can support your head when you use them, deflate them and pack them when you arrive at the destination. Due to its simple manufacturing method and cheap materials, the price will not be too high, making it a great choice for most travellers with limited budgets.

Different from micro-bead travel pillows and inflatable travel pillows, memory foam travel pillows are the most perfect pillows on the market. It provides stronger support and maximum comfort at the same time, which can provide the most comfortable support for the neck. They can be compressed to a quarter and packed in compact packaging. Therefore, they are usually recommended as the most comfortable travel pillows because they can shape support according to the shape of the neck. Although the memory foam travel pillow is the most expensive of the three, the memory foam travel pillow is one of the best travel pillows most travelers must have.



Support strength

During the trip, do you lean forward or sideways when you sleep? Did you feel a sore neck when you woke up on an airplane?

Support strength becomes one of the most important considerations when choosing a travel pillow. The support strength of the memory foam travel pillow is an ideal choice among the neck support pillows. If you tend to lean forward while sleeping during the journey, you can use a memory foam travel pillow to provide the neck support you need.
Consider your usual sleeping position and the best neck support for your most comfortable neck position.

Skin-friendly fabric

When choosing a neck pillow with stronger support, travelers tend to ignore the comfort of the fabric, but this is the only factor to ensure comfort. Many people find that the jacket of an inflatable pillow can irritate the skin, so choosing a comfortable fabric is also important.

Consider whether your trip includes hot or cold areas. Breathable and moisture-absorbing fabrics are ideal for hot climates, while cotton is ideal for cold climates.

If you are going on a winter trip, you can never go wrong with a travel pillow with a cotton or wool coat.

Size and weight

Different travel pillows have different sizes and weights, so it is important to choose a pillow that suits your travel style.

If you want to travel lightly, please choose a small travel pillow. Inflatable pillows are very suitable for light travel because you can reduce their size. Some small memory foam travel pillows are also very suitable for light travel, such as NAPFUN N23 travel pillow.

Although the bead travel pillow is bulky, if you decide to buy it, please make sure you have enough travel space. Although most travel pillows on the market are very light, it is also worth considering.


The last and most important thing is the durability of travel pillows, if you travel frequently. The durable travel pillow will ensure that you do not need to buy a new travel pillow every time you travel.

The cost of travel pillows on the market varies, and durability determines the price you pay. If you travel frequently, spending more money to buy a more durable travel pillow will be a very good choice

Obviously, before choosing the right pillow, make sure you have read the reviews of various pillows online.

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