Neck Pillow For Traveling: Save Your Neck

May 24, 2021 5 min read

Neck Pillow For Traveling: Save Your Neck

Neck pillow for traveling will save your neck while long-distance traveling.

There is no doubt that long-distance travel will feel uncomfortable. Prolonged sitting for a long time causes the blood to flow through the whole body. You may find that the car or airplane is comfortable and comfortable, but after an hour, the discomfort starts to spread. Although car and airplane seats are designed to provide short-term comfort, they do not take into account the situation and needs of each passenger. They are a universal solution for everyone, but they cannot satisfy people who experience neck pain.

If you have neck pain, you will need a travel pillow every time you travel. It doesn't matter whether you travel by car or plane, the key is duration. If you are going to sit for more than two hours, you need to make sure that your body is adequately supported during the journey without being subjected to excessive stress.


What causes neck pain?

The neck is part of the spine, and neck pain can also be called spinal pain. There are seven small bones in the neck, called cervical vertebrae. These bones link your head and neck, and they can protect important parts of the body, such as the nervous system and the beginning of the brainstem. Each of these bones is filled with a piece of soft tissue called a disc and held in place by the tendon and muscular system.

The neck is a very fragile part of the body, and many things can go wrong. Some people have herniated cervical discs, which means they bulge from the desired position and cause chronic pain due to bone and nerve contact or irregularities.

Some people suffer from chronic neck pain due to constant tightening of their necks, such as lowering their heads and writing on a table. Over time, overuse of the muscles and tendons that support the neck can make them weak, especially if they don’t have enough time to recover from such use before they are used again.

Correct posture and neck support are essential to prevent or exacerbate neck pain. That's where the travel neck pillow works.

Why do I need a neck pillow?

When you sleep, your muscles lose tension. Your head is about ten pounds, and it is your neck's responsibility to keep your neck upright. If your neck muscles are difficult to work when you are awake due to an injury that affects your muscles, it will become more difficult for your body to reduce the minimum muscle mechanics of sleep.

In addition, sitting for a long time may feel uncomfortable. For whatever reason, the airline never took any action on the fact that its seats were considered bad. You will never hear stories of people complimenting how comfortable they are on an airplane. Most people, especially those who travel frequently by air, will quickly and clearly declare that airplane seats are the worst.

Compared with airplane seats, car seats are more comfortable, especially because they can be equipped with upholstered seat covers or cushions to customize them according to people's preferences. Even so, if you haven't considered the way the seat affects the entire spine (all the way to the neck) during the journey, then comfort will soon disappear.

Having the most suitable travel pillow for you will be of great help to you. First, of course, your neck is supported. When the muscles are properly supported, soreness and strain will be reduced. The second method is that it makes it easier for you to fall asleep when traveling long distances or traveling by air. As long as you are not a driver or pilot, you don't have to be awake. If you can doze off for a few hours, then you will be bored. If you are a daydreamer, time will pass, you will be much more comfortable than leaning on an airplane seat, and you will reach your destination unknowingly.


Is there a suitable pillow?

The traditional rectangular bed pillow is very suitable for you to use when lying down, especially if it can support your body. The weight and gravity of the head will help the pillow adapt to your neck and provide you with enough support. The situation will be different if you sit up.

If you use a regular pillow on an airplane or car seat, it will actually be difficult. You must resist gravity by applying constant pressure to fix the pillow. It only stays still when you lean, and the purpose of tightening the neck muscles and relaxing is counterproductive.

The U-shaped neck pillow is placed on your shoulders and wraps around two-thirds of the circumference of your neck. It is fixed, you don't need to tilt it, and you can maintain its position without doing anything. It is designed to provide you with the support you need without having to go all out, so it absolutely must be added to your travel accessories.

The shape of the neck pillow

The U-shaped neck pillow is always the most classic pillow. Some pillows are ergonomically shaped to provide extra support for the back of the head.

An ergonomic neck pillow is the best choice. If your head naturally falls to one side when you fall asleep, the raised side lobe can provide additional support. Since this design can support your neck on both sides, it will not lose your protection like ordinary "U"-shaped neck pillows.

Some neck pillows are filled with cotton or polyester fibers, just like you see in throwing pillows on the sofa. If you have ever sat on a sofa, then you will know that it will immediately flatten out. The density of the filler is not sufficient to withstand the force applied to it. Inflatable travel pillows are made of cheap, low-quality materials and are of poor quality, especially when you try to attach an inflatable neck pillow to a suitcase or other travel bag.

The neck pillow made of micro-bead fillings resembles a bean bag chair. At first, these seemed like better choices. When you sit on it, it conforms to the shape of your body. It may even be more comfortable than an ordinary chair. The problem is that when you move, the beads move with it. This is the opposite of the neck pillow you want.

Every point of turbulence you encounter during a long flight will cause the pill filled in the neck pillow to move, thereby changing its structure to support the neck and reducing its effectiveness. The stuffing you need should be able to withstand the bumpy plane taxiing.

This is why memory foam is the best neck pillow. Memory foam travel pillows provide perfect support and great comfort at the same time. It fits well on the surface, and a little bump will not change the way it fits on the neck. The memory foam will adapt to your movements and body and return to its original size. They can also be packed, because this compressible neck pillow can be packed into a carrying bag without taking up your travel space.

Some travel pillows come with a full set of relaxation accessories, including earplugs and eye masks. If you are looking for the entire package, please buy all. You will not need or want anything else.

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