How to choose the best travel pillow?

June 07, 2021 4 min read

How to choose the best travel pillow?

Frequent travellers usually look for the best travel pillow. Whether you are traveling long distances or short distances, you want to be as comfortable as possible during your journey.

When you travel long distances, it is even more difficult to find a suitable travel neck pillow. People who travel a lot know that it is difficult to shape an airplane pillow into a travel pillow that can support the neck.

When the flight is over, you will be greeted with neck pain, back pain and head pain. This is why the best travel pillow is an important part of travel.

However, no matter how many international flights you have planned, at some point, you may want to doze off. When you do this, you need a travel pillow that can support you, and it won't cause you neck pain after the flight. If the flight is delayed, you can take a break while waiting for the flight



What is a travel pillow?

Travel pillows, also known as neck support pillows, usually help relieve neck pain and help people sleep while flying.

It can be really difficult to fly long distances in a small cabin. There are many factors that affect our sleep, such as noise, light and bumps. The travel neck pillow can at least support your head and neck, making you feel comfortable and healthy.


How to choose the best travel pillow

When choosing the ideal neck pillow, the following criteria are important:


When choosing the best travel pillow, support becomes one of the primary considerations. The support of the memory foam travel pillow is an ideal choice for travel pillows. If you cannot keep your neck fixed while sleeping during the trip, you can use a memory foam travel pillow to provide the neck support you need.


Travel pillows on the market come in different sizes and weights, so it is important to choose a pillow that suits you.

The small size travel pillow is suitable for light travelers. For example, inflatable travel pillows, because you can reduce their size by deflating them. The memory foam travel pillow with storage bag is also very suitable for light travel, such as NAPFUN N23 travel pillow.

Although the bead travel pillow cannot be folded, if you decide to buy it, please reserve enough travel space.


When choosing a neck pillow with sufficient support, the fabric is often overlooked by travelers, but this is an important factor affecting comfort. Most inflatable pillow covers can irritate the skin, so choosing a travel pillow made of comfortable fabric is also very important. Also consider whether your trip includes hot or cold regions. Breathable and moisture-absorbing fabrics are suitable for hot climates, while cotton fabrics are suitable for cold climates.

If you are going on a winter trip, you can’t go wrong with a travel pillow with a cotton jacket.

We also recommend that you buy a machine washable neck pillow to get the best results.

When you are going on a longer trip, you need some essentials. Travel pillows are one of them-don't try to buy the cheapest pillow, this is not recommended. Instead, you can check if you are eligible for a refund if the flight is delayed, and then you can spend the money on buying the best gear for your next adventure.



What material is the best travel pillow?

Travel pillows are made of various materials, with different shapes, durability and prices. Here are some of the best travel pillows for you to choose from:

Inflatable travel pillow

The inflatable travel pillow is easy to carry and has a U-shaped design. Inflate during use to obtain the required support, deflate and fold at the end of the trip. For travelers on a budget, this is your best travel pillow.

But because the material is cheap, the durability is poor. When using or packing the inflatable travel pillow, please avoid sharp objects to prevent the inflatable pillow from being punctured during the journey, making it unusable and affecting your comfortable travel.

Microbead travel pillow

The microbead travel pillow is made of thousands of polystyrene beads. U-shaped design, very light. The microbead travel pillow is easier to change its shape according to the body structure to fit your neck and provide you with stronger support. The biggest disadvantage of the microbead travel pillow is that there are too many beads to be filled and cannot be compressed and packaged. Therefore, these are not ideal for light travelers and may cause other troubles. When you try to find a comfortable sleeping position, the beads will also move on the backrest.

Memory foam

In terms of providing high-level comfort and neck support, memory foam travel pillows are undoubtedly the best travel pillows. When in use, it will automatically adapt to the contour of your neck, and will be shaped according to the tilt direction of your head to provide maximum head support and comfort. When not in use, the pillow will return to its original shape.

Although memory foam travel pillows have excellent comfort and strong support and are easy to pack and carry, you should note that they are usually the most expensive of all types of travel pillows.


Finally, preparing a perfect travel pillow for your next trip is essential to becoming a professional traveler.


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