Best Travel Pillow: The Definitive Gudie

May 26, 2021 6 min read

Best Travel Pillow: The Definitive Gudie

Best travel pillow will make you love the travel!

Nowadays, people do not travel as many times as before, but with the advent of holidays, there will always be some long journeys by train, plane and car.

Therefore, even if you are not going to travel frequently this year, make sure that you are comfortable and supported during the journey to ensure a good experience.

But, do the pillows you carry with you really work? Please read it carefully to find out the answer.

What is a travel pillow?

Travel pillows, also known as neck pillows, are usually used to help people solve sleep problems during travel or prevent and relieve neck pain.

Long-distance flight in a limited space may be really difficult. There are many factors that affect our ability to fall asleep, such as light, noise, and bumps. Travel neck pillows can at least slightly control your travel experience and make yourself comfortable and healthy.

If you sit in the middle, they can prevent you from resting your head on your partner, and even prevent you from leaning against the dirty glass panel by the window. When you need some rest, they will support your head and keep your head in line with your body. These pillows are usually made of comfortable and soft materials, such as cotton and velvet, and some even have fixing straps to help you tie them to the seat.

What travel pillow is the best travel pillow?

There are many travel pillows of different materials, with different shapes, durability and price. Here are some of the best travel pillows for you to choose from:


Inflatable travel pillows are easy to carry and are usually U-shaped. They can be inflated to get the required firmness to support your neck when in use, and then deflated and folded when not in use. For travelers with too much luggage or limited budget, this is your best travel pillow, because it is easy to find, because of its simple structure, the price is very cheap, and it can be compressed into a size similar to a mobile phone.

However, due to the low price, the durability is poor. When using or packing inflatable travel pillows, please beware of sharp objects to prevent your inflatable pillows from being pierced, making them unusable and affecting your sleep quality during the journey.


The microbead travel pillow is made of thousands of small polystyrene beads. Like inflatable travel pillows, they are usually U-shaped and very light. The beads make it easier for the microbead travel pillow to change its shape according to the user's body structure, so as to adapt to the contour of your neck and provide you with more support than an inflatable pillow.

The main disadvantage of the microbead travel pillow is that the filled beads are too tight, so it is difficult to compress and pack easily. Therefore, these are not ideal for light travellers and may cause long-distance travel troubles. When you try to find a comfortable posture, the beads will also move on the backrest.

Memory foam

In terms of providing high-quality comfort and neck support, memory foam travel pillows are truly the best travel pillows. When used, it will leave a corresponding shape imprint according to the contour of your neck, and will be molded according to the tilt direction of your head to provide maximum head support. When not in use, the pillow will return to its original shape.


Although memory foam travel pillows are known for their excellent comfort, strong support and ease of packaging and ease of carrying, it should be noted that they are usually the most expensive of all travel pillows.

Common diseases related to travel

Still not sure which travel pillow is the best travel pillow you need? Consider these common tortures related to travel, maybe once you find that they can completely alleviate or prevent some of the following problems, you can’t wait to try to find the best travel pillow

Neck pain

Wrong posture, stiffness and sleeping in uncomfortable positions can cause neck pain and even back pain when traveling. Sitting for a long time can cause slack and sagging, which puts too much pressure on the body, which can lead to soreness and pain in the neck and back. Unfortunately, the airline does not intend to provide additional lumbar support.

Long-distance travel is difficult enough, but you don’t have to travel with neck pain. The travel pillow will support your neck so that you can enjoy the journey without pain.

lack of sleep

Sleeping in uncomfortable positions can be one of the worst aspects of travel. Almost everyone tries to twist our bodies constantly to find a slightly more comfortable posture when traveling in the air or driving a car, but they can't open their eyes at all.

Insufficient sleep can spoil a pleasant journey. The neck pillow can provide extra comfort that conventional aircraft seats usually cannot provide, so as to help you avoid sleep problems, and can fully achieve a good night's sleep. They are useful for everyone, whether you sleep on your side, back or in the middle sleeper.


A business trip can be a very stressful experience. Departure time, luggage, nerves, people around and other problems can all trigger stress, making your whole body tight and on the edge. Travel pillows can provide you with a soft and comfortable hug, freeing you from your head and feeling more relaxed during the journey.

Which travel pillow is best for you?

Now that you know the main types of travel pillows and the pros and cons of each pillow, as well as travel-related health conditions and pain that can be avoided by using travel pillows, you may find it difficult to make a choice. Let us help you by recommending some of the best travel pillows (two of our own excellent products).

Memory foam travel pillow

Our memory foam travel pillow is one that can provide strong support and great comfort, with more than 200 five-star reviews. Its main functions and advantages include:

Top quality memory foam:

This travel pillow is ergonomically designed and allows you to get all the benefits of memory foam.

Ergonomic U-shaped design:

This pillow has a classic U-shaped design, but has depressions on both sides to release the chin, which provides higher comfort and allows you to sleep comfortably with your head on either side.

Multi-plan travel package:

This is lucky for you, it contains all the necessities you need for travel, including carrying bags, eye masks and earplugs.

Adjustable rope:

This pillow is also equipped with an adjustable rope, so you can be sure that it will not fall off while sleeping.

It also has a removable washable jacket, so you don't have to worry about germs in the airport.

Memory foam airplane travel pillow kit
If you think our ergonomic travel pillow is impressive, then be ready to take it away entirely with our Memory Foam aircraft travel pillow kit, which is a tested product designed to satisfy consumption And his/her comfort. The main functions and advantages of this reasonably priced, convenient and visually attractive product are:

100% pure memory foam:

Our pillows are made of 100% pure memory foam and ensure that there are no additives. The foam is directly formed into your shape, so you will be perfectly supported when traveling.

Ergonomic design.

Comes with free gifts:

This suit is also equipped with memory foam earplugs and adjustable eye masks, which can block the optical fiber and isolate noise when traveling, creating a perfect sleeping environment to improve sleep quality. You will also get a convenient bag to transport it all.

Lifetime replacement guarantee:

NAPFUN created this travel pillow, which is durable, but if there is any problem with your pillow, we will support you. We will provide you with free replacements immediately, so that you will not lose your favorite travel pillow.

In summary
Have you found your own best travel pillow? Absolutely.

Good quality travel pillows are worth the money. Even if you have to carry it with you, or look a little funny when you wear it, and when you feel adequate rest and comfort during your journey, all of this is totally worth it, especially when compared to the people around you. Use a travel pillow next time you travel, it is definitely the best pillow.

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