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"NAPFUN travel pillow Perfect for international flights"
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"The napfun pillow will be your savior"
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"Makes the middle seat feel like first class"
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"I’ve truly never slept better on a plane"
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"Its design is unique to anything else"
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"I never travel without my napfun Pillow"
NAPFUN travel pillow made with 100% Pure memory foam, cushion your head, to relieve painful pressure points for ultimate relaxation.
NAPFUN pillow's 360-degree and adjustable design guarantees to cover seven support points in the head and neck. The concave shape is intended to better fit your chin to keep your head from falling forward.
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Best neck pillow I've ever had. When I fly, it's usually on trips that are longer than 6 hours and this pillow really does the trick! It holds your head upright in a very comfortable way. Some people may find it constricting, depending on neck size, but I will never use another pillow. It also rolls up very conveniently into a bag. I hang mine off my backpack so that makes it much more sanitary for me.
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I have never used a neck/travel pillow before, so I don't have anything to compare this one too; however, this pillow exceeded my expectations! I ordered this in preparation for surgery and have been using it for a week now. It is supportive enough to keep my head in position while being comfortable enough to get a good sleep.
david lopez
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I purchased this for my 12 year old son after issues with a different brand and I must say I tried it and it is one of the best I have found. It is soft and comfortable and is not to tight its just perfect. My son was able to sleep comfortably in the car with it and even kept it on when he was not sleeping. The bonus eye mask and case is definitely a +. I would definitely buy again!
Salim Rafiuddin Shroff
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We are travelling this year and our flights are about 17 hours long one way and I was looking for something that would mimic my contour pillow and I think this coupled with a cotton tshirt on my eyes is all I need to get few hours of sleep, so far I've felt no discomfort that I felt using the round and fat ones. And I have OCD when it comes to falling asleep.
Elene Berterman
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Sooooo soft and cozy. My boyfriend and I had 4 flights (20 hours total) this last week and we could not have done it without these neck pillows! They have a clip so they don’t fall off and they go into their carrying back very easily. Also the eye mask and ear plugs are a nice touch 🙂 thank you!
norma henry
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I love my neck pillow. It is very soft,supportive and comfortable. I woke up with a stiff neck and it would not go away so I decided to buy this neck pillow. O what a relief, all pain and discomfort is gone. Right now I am relaxing with my neck pillow watching TV. Highly recommend. It really surprised me. I am very happy with my neck pillow, it has become apart of me.
Trish T
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We do lots of day trips, meaning 2 flights in one day. Anything I carry on the plane has to be carried by me all day. Needed something lightweight and compact to fit in backpack. Very comfortable on the flights, super soft and packs up nicely in its bag. Weighs next to nothing. Perfect for my needs. Stays stored iny travel backpack until needed.
Justine Davis
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My husband gave me this as a travel gift for a flight recently. I have always disliked neck pillows but this one is so great. Pink and stylish and super comfy - I slept the whole flight and had zero bobble head issues and no neck pain either. Now getting it for everyone!
Jan Canfield
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This is incredibly comfortable! I sometimes nap in the car between my shifts driving school bus. This has made a world of difference in comfort! I have had travel pillows in the past but because this one fastens I can turn any direction and not have to readjust the pillow. I am planning to but another.
Angelina S.
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I am so happy that this pillow lives up to the reviews, the memory foam is super soft which I love. Make sure to take it out the package a few days before and maybe spray a fabric spray on it because it smells like the typical memory foam ( if you've had a memory foam mattress then you know the smell). Great price and I can't wait to use it on the plane in a few days.
It ensures the travel pillow fits around your neck tightly, thus an best choice for people who have small neck or big neck. Easy to lock or unlock, so that you can put it in your luggage or travel bag.
The memory foam travel pillow is lightweight and compressible, easily compressed to fit into its snap-strapped carrying bag. And also can be attached to your traveling bag.
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The pillow is lightweight and compact but very comfortable.
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The napfun pillow is lightweight and compact but very comfortable. The sleep mask was great too. Made my long flights much better! The pillow cover is soft and nice but also removable so it’s washable!
This made all the difference!!!
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Thank you so much for this product. I've bought probably 5-7 of these pillows in the past for me and my kids (we regularly travel internationally) and THIS ONE IS THE WINNER!!! It's sturdy design and ability to fit into a manageable bag for carrying is a DOUBLE WINNER. thank you!
Erin Drummond
The PERFECT travel pillow!
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This napfun pillow is so comfortable that I'm tempted to use it even when I'm not traveling! I purchased it for myself for 10 hours of flying and once it arrived in the mail, my boyfriend immediately needed one, as well. He thought a travel pillow wouldn't help with the long flight but as soon as he felt this one, he loved it. I was so comfortable the whole plane ride!
Best neck pillow!
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Every year I visit my family and its a 30-hour journey with two 10-11 hr flights. This napfun neck pillow is very comfortable and soft because of the memory foam. The little dip on both sides of the pillow prevents you from falling when you doze off. Best neck pillow I ever had.
Tamela Parker
Comfortable pillows!
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Best travel pillow yet. I purchased 2 for my husband and I. We’ve been jumping on and off of planes all summer, with 3-4 hours flights. Naps are needed and these pillows helped. We haven’t used the eye masks and ear plugs. It can clip onto your carryon bag. Or pushed down inside. It will retain its shape.
Donna K. Fairfield-Green
Best head support ever!
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Bought this for my husband and he loves it. When he lays back in his chair or sits up the collar supports his neck. It's firm enough yet soft and comfortable. He has asked me to purchase a second one so he has one for his favorite chair and one for traveling.
Do not look any further, can't get any better!
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Fell asleep like a newborn child on both flights. I am one that CANNOT sleep in odd plants or positions and this napfun neck pillow allowed me to sleep before take off and I was awaken by the captain advising we were 25 miles away from home lol.... Great ear plugs, but I lost my eye covers (boo whooo).
Very comfy travel pillow! Would buy again!
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Wife loved it. Comes with a small rope that you can clip to your carry on. Soft comfy material. Offered great support for her neck during the flight. Good product. Do recommend!!
Comfortable! Great value!
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This is a luxurious neck pillow if there can be such a thing! The foam is very comfortable and so is the cover. I like that it came with a carrying bag too. I just lost mine on my last flight. This one won’t be getting lost! I wasn’t looking to buy an eye mask or ear plugs but what a great bonus. They will all help me sleep well on long trip to Europe coming up. Very pleased in every way with this neck pillow!
Long flight must have
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This made my long flight comfortable! Nothing is worse than a log flight and being uncomfortable. This travel pillow made the flight bearable
Shea Starr
Very soft and feels great
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This napfun pillow is very soft and feels really good. I had to try it before traveling with it. I have a 16 your flight coming up. I'll update my review and tell you how the pillow held up.
Perfect travel companion!
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Got this for my Mom and she loves it!!
Michael the Skeptic
Just what I was looking for
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The napfun pillow is lightweight and compact but very comfortable. The sleep mask was great too. Made my long flights much better! The pillow cover is soft and nice but also removable so it’s washable!
Mandy Gerdes
Helps you relax and possible catch some Zzzzz's
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Awesome set used fir many hours in the airport and on the plane. Plus you get the eye cover that's molded nicely and more comfortable than most masks. Ear plugs? Yes please.
Stephanie manjarrez
Super comfy!!
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This napfun neck pillow feels amazing!! I haven’t went on the plane with it yet but I’m already loving the soft, comfy, and texture of it. It can also be shrunk in the small bag so it doesn’t bother you while you’re traveling.100% recommend!
Andrey espana
Thank you. I like it
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I hate flying for long hours . This helped out my posture so great. Would recommend to anyone who wants to take a nap in what already is an annoying flight.
Chad Badzik
Recommended buy
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Really would’ve loved for this napfun pillow to be thicker but the support is there! It helps me keep my head in tact while I lay on my back or even on my side i lay on top of another pillow without having my arm fall asleep. so I would recommend this to anyone who has trouble finding the right comfort while sleeping.
Alex Zaurov
Very comfortable
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This napfun travel pillow was perfect for my red eye flight! Very comfortable!

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